Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Influence map

I saw this on DeviantArt tonight. I hadn't been on the site for a bit so I guess I'm a bit late to the table. I think it's a cool idea - especially looking at  ones from artists I admire. It's interesting to see how influences cross pollinate between communities of artists and how common threads are often found between you and artists you admire!

1. NC Wyeth- Brilliant illustrator from the golden age of Illustration.

2. Edward Hopper. Nothing says LIGHT (and loneliness)  like Hopper.

3. Russian Avant Guard Film Posters- cool, crazy with the use of color and BOLD with their compositions and use of typography (or it could just be that Cyrillic looks cool to my eye)

4. James Christensen. I was introduced to his work in High School by a friend. Not only does he paint the most peculiar characters, he designs awesome fashions for them to wear.

5. Chris Turnham.  Victorian, costumes, drama and the Decemberists. (The Decmeberists are a band that we both love, Turnham has illustrated many of their songs, which are very literary.)

6. Victorian houses. I love them, they are fun and I think a grand painted lady is the ONLY style of house where you could paint it pink and get away with it.

7. Sufjan Stevens. He is an artist. I love him and his music.
8. Kadir Nelson- His illustrations never fail to make me cry, beautiful and very emotional illustrations.

9. Lettering, Typography in general.  This sample is: Victorian Lettering from 1864, German Chromolithographer, Louis Prang & Co.

10. Ivan Bilibin. Russian Illustrator

11.  Grant Wood- Though "American Gothic" is his most famous painting, but I love his landscapes.
12. Animation. Twas my first love, and one never forgets their first :-)

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