Monday, January 17, 2011

Two Finals : A train for Halifax

I have to submit two final illustrations along with the manuscript and the dummy.
One final needs to be in color and the other, black and white (which is odd because that is assuming that your book includes black and white illustrations eh?)

I chose the scene when the train arrives in St. John, Canada  for the color final
(click the illustrations to enlarge)

I think I am doing ok. I don't have experience drawing crowd scenes and I didn't have time to secure really good reference so most of this is from my head. It isn't done yet but it's very close to completion!

As I was working I started creating imaginary relationships between the people standing next to eachother

Two passengers on the train stare out at the crowd. At this point in the story, the Bostonians begin to hear and understand exactly what happened to Halifax. 

This is the final black and white illustration. This spread is actually the page before the one above.
On this page, I'm explaining to the viewer just how long the trip from Boston to Halifax (by steam train!) takes.  750 Miles and 27 hours.  The train is flying through the night and into the morning and it's beginning to snow.  On the next page they start to get stuck in the blizzard.

I thought it would be cool to show a "starry" map illustrating the journey.

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Kelly said...

YOU'RE AMAZING! I am so proud of you, this looks awesome!!!