Monday, January 03, 2011

The Art of the crowd

Tonight I'm refining a page in which a crowd of people wait for  the arrival of the relief train.
It takes place at St. John Canada and it's in the point of the story where the passengers on the train- doctors and nurses, realize that the destruction of Halifax was much worse than suspected.

People line the tracks, eager to get on board, but it is agreed that they should only pick up doctors and/or anyone who would prove useful for the relief effort.

Also, once the train reaches St. John they are stuck in the middle of a wild blizzard. A head of them further in the journey lies Folly Mountain- where the train will nearly derail.

Background only:

Steam trains have a lot of mist and steam about them which is fun to draw. I also liked adding the snow effect. It's cold, snowy and misty as the train stops at the station

Now add people:

I don't have much experience creating scenes with loads of people but so far it's interesting Things are still quite blurry and undefined at this point but I feel like things are shaping up. I started with just scribbles of basic forms and then moving them around trying to figure out their place. All of a sudden a little story starts to happen in the crowd (or at least I start creating imaginary relationships between the people standing next to each other)

I want to show some of the passengers looking out the windows in the dim light. 

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Laura G. Young said...

Looking good so far! :)