Thursday, August 02, 2012

Adventures of the Sketchbook

One of my goals this summer has been to get back into using my sketchbook! In the past years, we have been in an on, off, on again relationship.

((Runs off to get sketchbook))

Please mind the sketchbook is a place for stains and mistakes and getting dirty (um... as in dirt!)

I can't tell you what kind of breed this sketchbook is (Moleskine? heh NO) I think I just picked it up at a stationary shop, liked the feel of the cover and the texture of the paper. It's pretty smooth. Unfortunately it is tattering and shedding, but I like its worn look

Anywhoooo, shall we journey within?

Sketchbook: An idea for a Camelot Illustration

Sketchbook: Dürer portrait, Evelyn, Pressath, Cat,

Sketchbook: sketches from the MET

Sketchbook: TV doodles

Sketchbook: Halibut Point

I also have a Watercolor Moleskine Sketchbook
Sketchbook: Watercolor Moleskine (Dominican Republic)

Sketchbook: Watercolor Moleskine (Germany)

OK, that is well enough for now! Thanks for looking!

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Greg said...

If I ever need illustrations for one of my books, I know who to call. :-) Speaking of which, what's the status of that book you were working on?