Thursday, August 26, 2004

Drawing from my head

It's hard to do, but I am going back and studying anatomy-esp hands and feet. Pretty much everything, but I'm also trying to get in the habit of visualizing things in my imagination first and then drawing. I feel that I lean too much on photo ref. And it makes my images stiff and just doesn't teach me anything...

Hold on to your hats! These are going to be bad! I guess the purpose of this blog is so I can see how (hopefully) I am improving.

Gimpy arms, bad proportions HERE I COME!!!!


read this said...

Hey, just stumbled across ya. Nice house down there. I like it... And about proportions, look at Gauguin's work (not for a good example). It's always difficult. The hardest thing is learning to keep the image in your head while you work on it. Once you learn to lock it there.

Keep it up!

Bonnie said...

Thanks "read this" I like Gaugin's work, even if personally he was a bit of a bugger. (leaving wife and kids to live a fantasy on a exotic land) Even so,very expressive paintings.
Thanks for the comment!

read this said...

about Gauguin: Expressive, I agree, but had a problem with proportions (very evident in some of his Tahitian maiden work) yet he's one of the most respected artists of the time, which is why I mentioned him. Just an example of how difficult it is, particularly arms and hands.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing more of your stuff. :)