Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Illustration Fridays: Wild and Train

Last weeks Illofri entry: "Wild"
My Dad was visiting me last week and he suggested I add the fire. Thanks for the tip, Dad!

This Week:  It's not new, I know, but it fits the bill- this weeks Illustration Friday theme is : "Train." This is a early illustration from my picture book dummy "A train for Halifax." The book is about the Halifax Explosion of 1917, atragic event that created a lasting friendship between the cities of Boston and Halifax, Nova Scotia. When a massive explosion destroyed much of Halifax (followed by a terrible blizzard the next day), Boston sent trains full of supplies and doctors and worked to rebuild the city. This friendship continues today as Halifax has donated 50,000$ to Boston's Children's Hospital to aide victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. Also every December, the official Boston Christmas tree is lovingly sent from Nova Scotia as a yearly reminder of the ties between the two cities.

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Willow said...

Love the the added touch of fire ! Also very interesting to learn about the story between Nova Scotia an Boston. Thank you for sharing both.