Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sir Preston!

Meet Sir Preston Wigglebottom the III

He is looking dapper in his top hat and blue bow tie. Preston told me (he has many strong opinions, mind you) that he would be a good gift for a bird lover, a Lady or Gent about town or, "Anyone who has good taste!"

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ALSO: Just a few spots open to win a free print! Enter the drawing by going pressing the "like," button of my facebook page


Kathleen said...

Hello Bonnie,

Have you thought about selling some of your prints framed like this one? The print with the frame has a "steam punk" kind of look. Love it.


Bonnie Branson said...

Yes, I am planning on creating a bird series and finding venues (like Cafes, small galleries) to sell them and in that case, the frame would be included.

Right now though, shipping flat prints is all I can handle, but maybe some day I will look into the costs of framing and shipping framed prints.

little steps little steps! :-)

Sarah said...

I love this character you've created, and the frame was a great choice! Very nice work! :)

Bonnie Branson said...

Thanks Sarah!