Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Productive Day

Today I printed out my computer sketch and started refining things
freehand on my light table. I couldn't find my ruler at first (I'm always losing it. WHY??) so I was just eyeballing it. Later on, of course,  I found the ruler, but because some of the previous lines were off, when I started drawing straight lines, they looked crooked! haha

At this point, not worried about things being so tight and straight (Yes I see it's a little slanted!)  just figuring out details. There are few parts that...well I'm not sure how it would be constructed, but when I get to the building stage, I guess I will figure out if it IS possible. Fun.

And then of course, finding out about Steve Jobs tonight. Steve had an artists soul.  We will miss you. Thank you for making technology so beautiful.

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