Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yeah Opera.

This is a procrastination doodle I admit. School officially ended on Monday and now I have all day to make stuff, but I can't help stopping working on "Official Things," to go off on doodle tangents.
I love this clip of Diana Damrau from "The Magic Flute," so I decided to try to do a portrait of her.

She is really intense and scary but her mannerisms are so much fun to watch. I tried to make her crazy looking LIKE THIS:


but as you can see, I ended up with a more sensual queen. She seems kind of vain so it's fitting I guess.

I could have linked to a clip without the German dialogue intro before the aria, but I love the speaking part too. Just stay with it and wait till she starts singing BECAUSE IT'S THE BEST PART.


sappy dappy said...
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litdreamer said...

Yeah, Diana Damrau is quite the actress (and singer), though I still prefer Lucia Popp in the role.

Love the picture. Nothing wrong with sensual. :-)