Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I'm currently working on about 6 paintings, jumping on and off each one when I start to get a little sick of one. I have never worked like this before but it's actually making me extra productive. (At least I FEEL productive. haha) None of the paintings are fully complete yet, but most of the hard parts are being tackled in little breaths which seems to keep my endurance up. I have a problem keep treckin' on with a painting. I get bored very quickly and my attention starts to wander off. This is a bad habit that I'm trying to break.

Below is a little snippit of one of the paintings I'm working on:

I will show the whole painting on July 4th

I had a lot of fun designing her dress!

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Anonymous said...

There is something to be said for multitasking. Mark Twain may have never finished Adventures of Huckleberry Finn if he hadn't started work on Life on the Mississippi.

As for increasing your attention span, spend less time on the Internet, and more time doing something that will take a long time, like reading a book, or listening to a CD, or watching a movie.

On the other hand, being "manic" with your patience isn't necessarily a bad thing in the arts. :-)