Monday, December 28, 2009

screen shotz

This is an older sketch but I'm finally getting around and started painting this one:

Here is a screen shot of all the junk I'm looking at when I'm
working on a painting. This one is going to be challenging but I have the help of fantastic reference.

Inspiration/reference: Stanhope Alexander Forbe "Fish Sale on a Cornish Beach"
and the one in the corner is a Caspar David Friedrich painting.

Both have fantastic color and also I study the transition between the ocean and the beach- how the water looks when it approaches the wet sand. Also Forbe's Paintings (As well as Winslow Homer ) have given me tips on clothing and lifestyle of "fisher folk"
And here is a little weathervane I painted this morning:


Alisa said...

Lovely Bonnie! Keep up the great work during your break!

Elara said...

Thanks Alisa :)

Literary Dreamer said...

Your screenshot looks like my typical session on the Internet. ;-) I'm enjoying catching up on your posts!