Saturday, November 07, 2009

town scene

small color sketch for another page of the book
I love painting skies.
4 more pages then I will have all of the dummy book figured out with rough colors and some pages completely finished. I think after this part- once I see everything locked in place- things should start to move fasssster.


Literary Dreamer said...

That would be awesome. Keep us posted!

Alisa said...

very cool Bonnie! Glad to see its progressing!

Christi said...

neat :) this reminds me of Mystic? or what it may have looked like in the past. nice ski too

Literary Dreamer said...

Hey Bonnie!
I gave your blog an award. Head over to my blog and check out my latest post (about winning a blog award). Then, just copy the award onto your blog. Not necessary to answer the attached questions, but feel free to do so, if you wish.

Looking forward to your next post :-)

Elara said...

I just figured out what you were trying to say Christi!!


HAHAH you mean SKY??

Steffi said...

i love this! Your colors are amazing!