Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Weavers

More sketches for the book!

These are really messy and I'm prolly the only one who can understand what the hell is going on here. The color sketch came first, the black and white i'm trying to refine the idea a bit. Actually from this point forward I will make B&W sketches before color like this, I read about others doing this and I really think it's a great exercise in figuring out contrast and focusing more on shapes and composition...gettting that all solidified before throwing in the color. (Not that I ever just...throw color on something!) I

This is in like a ...courtyard like place...I'm not sure, its outside and the girls on the second level are on a wooden like structure. They are all weaving nets, except for the two ladies in the right hand corner. One is telling a joke or story of some sort and the girl is listening, which the lady in the far left is working quietly. Winslow Homer is a big inspiration for these sea ladies, he did a series of images of women fixing nets, carrying baskets and roughing the seas, they are soooo beautiful. I will post more about him and examples soon!!

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