Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dummy Book: Diving into Rainetown

I'm now diving into the dummy book (mock book for planning) for Rainetown. The next few weeks I will be working on pencil drawings for the layout. I have about 5 illustrations so far that are close to being done, which I will send to blurb along with the drawings to get a print out of the dummy book. These fully painted images will help me see what the colors might look like. I always got the impression that blue was a bit of a deviant color when it comes to printing so this should be interesting. Rainetown is SUCH a blue book. heh heh

Rough Cover ideas:(click to enlarge)

This idea has been canned...though I might use the cliffs and ships for something else.

The back cover is an illustration of a girl looking out at a crow, with pink string snarled in the tree. Front cover you see the crow again flying with the string. I'm thinking of having the crow gathering things (maybe always string) for a nest, being a continuing image throughout the book.

Below: Rough title page

Miranda- (rough sketch) A famous resident of Rainetown. She was blind and weaved very fine nets (there is one draped around her shoulders and is wearing a netting like necklace with shells attached)It is believed that she weaved them from her hair. Also, according to legend, she saved the life of prominent Rainetown portrait painter Jonathan Boslem. (who painted this portrait of her) The story brought fame to Rainetown, and the village became known for net weaving.Miranda also started the trend of Rainetown ladies wearing blue striped clothing..something else the city is known for.


Alisa said...

GO BONNIE! I think it's so awesome that you're going to print this. Can't wait to see more progress! :)

Bonnie said...

Hey thanks! I'm excited too :-D