Monday, March 17, 2008

Project: Rainetown

I'm self-publishing a book through blurb . It's my little project- a way for me to design, organize and create a series of images with the happy ending that it creates a beautiful little book.

The idea is that the book is a small visual chronicle of a fictional seaside village called "Rainetown." (Named after Captain Johnathan Raine, who founded the town in the late 1700's) The town is actually really rainy and damp so the name is quite fitting. There won't be a ton of prose just mostly images of the village and the different people who inhabit it. It is mostly Victorian in style and sea salty, damp, and very blue in color :-) Should be a lot of fun.


christi said...

hey cool idea. What is the screen shot below? is that quark?

Bonnie said...

nope its the program that blurb has to make layouts. It's an ok program...they are updating it soon so that should be good.