Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oh I miss you!

Dear Blog,
Man, I feel really bad. How I have neglected you! This is because I am student teaching, and responsible for sooo many students! But soon, so soon I will post some art. It will be "teacher art," art that I have made as examples for lessons. After teacher art I hope to start doing my own paintings again. It's so hard to watch 570 children every week making art but have no time to do so myself! But dear blog. Teaching and art making is a tricky track. There are parts of me that want to dedicate all my energy to being a good teacher, but then there is a little voice that says I am forgetting my artist self. It is hard. But blog, I will try to do some art every month for myself. Maybe not great huge fantastic super paint-y things, maybe only little sketches...but I promise to pick you up again.

Because, Oh I Miss YOU!


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Literary Dreamer (Greg Salvatore) said...

I've heard that you've practically abandoned this blog, but I had trouble reading the original posting because it was black on blue. I can read it as I leave this comment, but you may want to change the colors on your blog so that more people can enjoy it. :-)