Monday, July 30, 2007


She is still waiting for that darn ship to be painted.



Alisa said...

This is looking beautiful! Just a thought, but maybe there doesn't even need to be a ship in the picture. I like the negative space on the right hand side, and her looking in that direction just makes her seem more alone.

Bonnie said...

I love that idea! Someone suggested that she wait during all four seasons and then one image with the ship to show it's return. I put the trees in bloom and the stormy sky to suggest the season.

I purposely added a lighthouse to make a night scene more interesting as well..and also the lighthouse is almost a parallel of her...a lone structure that also "waits" for incoming ships

ohhhh i think too much haha~

Dean (Me2) said...

I LOVE this picture Bonnie; it's beautiful! I don't know if you were thinking this or I've been studying it too much but the way the lighthouse is sitting far from the town seems to mirror the woman's obvious lonliness. I also find the two birds together in their nest a very sweet touch.
you rock.