Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Picnic at Neuchâtel

I have been frequenting the forum at illustrator John Howe's website since 2003.
Since then I have been corresponding with some great people all around the world.
I got to finally meet some of them last weekend!
Last Friday I boarded the train at Kaiserslautern, Germany and headed to La Chaux-De-Fonds Switzerland. I stayed 3 nights at the home of one of my e-pal's parent's.
By the stays end, I met some fantastic people, met fellow forum goers at a picnic, drank much wine and tried Fondue for the first time!
Also, after a total of 10 hours on the train (to and from) I feel like I am a master of the euro-rail system. (I only missed one train in Basel.)
Here are some pics:(this time you can click to enlarge!)

Fellow "Howers"

Lac de Neuchâtel, Switzerland

I hope to post some of my own pictures, (the ones above were taken by some of the other forum goers) however my camera battery is dead!
It will have to wait till I get home again.


Alisa said...

Looks like a great time! I'm glad you got to meet up with all your international e-friends!

Virginia Valle said...

You welcome Bonnie I will add the new blog take care

Bonnie said...

Thanks Virginiajoe! ;-D

Michele said...

And a dog to play with!

Bonnie said...

The dog's name was Lilo. She kept throwing her toys at us while we were trying to eat.