Saturday, August 05, 2006

One Year

So according to the Federal Government, I am now officially a resident of Massachusetts.

What the heck do people here call themselves anyway?
I think the correct term is Bay-Stater? "Masshole" doesn't sound too endearing. Maybe I'm not supposed to know what the correct term is. Kinda like how I'm not supposed to go on a duck tour or hang out at Cheers.


Today last year...


alida saxon said...

Heh, I've not been on a duck tour yet, though they do seem cute. Very touristy. Bay-Staters seems the closest. Most of New England seems short on group names, aside from "New Englander" which is kind of interesting.

Bonnie said...

Yeah I don't know of any special term for a Connecticut resident, or at least never heard one growing up. My father though, he is a "Hoosier" thru and thru.