Monday, May 29, 2006


For Cynthea and Christi,
Hey I saw this sign yesterday and thought of you. Hope your Birthday's were WICKED!

Hey I found another one...

and another...


nofoodforyou said...

Oh god. It must be a bad 80's movie in New England all the time.

all the time being 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. not "24/7." i wish people would stop using that phrase. it's mid-90's slang. i remember the first time i heard it. I was watching Tempest. (you know Venessa from the Cosby Show..she had her own talkshow). anyway that was back in 1994 or something and somebody even had to ask "what's 24/7?"

anyway Wicked is a musical with lesbian undertones. remember that New Englanders!

Cynthea said...

lol...silly bonnie, wicked is for dorks! Thanks for the birthday wishes. We missed your voice at karaoke. I'm sure tho, that you dont miss mine. I was pretty awful sounding.

Tiki_Rox said...

wicked is for new england corn balls.

Anytime i hear someone in New York say wicked my new york violent side comes out.

Bonnie said...

That's the real reason behind my leaving. I was living in fear, in the closet, living a lie.

Now I can walk in the sun. The sweet sound of "wicked" on my lips.

Alas, I could never be a true New Yorker. My “cornballness” would always get in the way.