Sunday, May 21, 2006

Booksellers! Bring Lane Smith to Boston

Sometimes during my freetime, I don my "Illustrator Groupie" hat and harass-I mean write to favorite Illustrators. (in the past I have also written to animators, including Mark Henn, and Tim Burton..yes he used to be an animator!)
Anyway, Lane Smith, who recently published his fabulous book John, Paul, George & Ben, has yet to do a book signing in Boston. So I inquired, through Ye olde email the following:
Dear Mr. Smith,
I have a question, has your book tour brought you to Boston yet or did I totally miss this opportunity!? If not, I hope you will consider Ol' Beantown. We revolutionaries would love to have you. (If you haven't come yet, I might have to send a youthful Thomas Paine to teach you some Common Sense!)

Mr. Smith kindly replied:
Hi Bonnie,
I keep asking the publisher to send me to Boston but so far I haven't been there. You'd think that would be a no-brainer. Hopefully, some nice Beantown Bookseller will request my presence from ye olde Hyperion Books.
Glad you liked my book!

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