Saturday, April 15, 2006

Dandy/ bonnet


Cynthea said...

wow! bonnie these are so wonderful. They look like a lot of fun. I love the bright colors. I was trying to think if one is my favorite, but I like them all very much for different reasons.

The only hat i'm not crazy about is the bonnet..... the shape of it seems a litttle wierd, but it might just be me reacting to no face. Is se going to have more torso at least?

you should draw yankee doodle with macaroni in his hat.

Bonnie said...

yeah I should put a torso on her, maybe the bonnet could be a just a hat image. I'm doing 12 that don't have framing, that are just hats so maybe the bonnet would be better like that.

Virginia Valle said...

Bonnie how are you :). Glad to see your comment, all your work is just wonderful :)