Sunday, January 15, 2006

Batgirl Revolution !

There seems to be a lil Batgirl Revolution on Live Journal!
Just take a peep here to see some of the lovely entries:
  • Eee gads! Click Me!!

  • I couldn't resist n added one myself!!


    Sh sh sh Shawnaaaah! said...

    hehe neat! You have a LJ account? Link Link!

    Bonnie said...

    Yeah since 04, but it's mostly boring day to day stuff. Not as thrillin' and chillin' as me Sketchblog. Savvy?
    ** I'll email ya a link tho.**

    Shindig-iddy Shawna said...

    SAVVY??? (rolls eyes)
    Is someone still watching too much POTC?

    Bonnie said...

    Aw! Capt'n Jack Sparrow is my hero!

    When are you going to get a REAL website? :-P

    Seriously really...seriously. said... said...

    When you pay me to make one.