Wednesday, December 21, 2005

What inspires?

Fellow blogger, "Ninakatz" asked what paintings/artists inspired others, so I decided to write a little.
Currently one of my fav paintings is:
"The song of the Lark," by Jules Breton.

I love the light in this painting. Also, it stood out in its time because it wasn't a romantic portrayal of a female peasant worker. (Which was in vogue.) At the end of the day she looks beat and even a bit contemplative.

I love Winslow Homer for doing a tribute/follow up to this image:

"Hark the lark"

For some reason I have always been attracted to "Gloaming lighting," or rather the light at Dusk. The dimmer it is the more I love it.
I also like when at dusk/dawn trees become silhouetted against the brighter sky and you can see pieces of the sky in-between the branches and leaves. Like little pockets of light.

Michael Sowa paints some lovely trees:

Sowa is an illustrator with a wicked sense of humor. Most of his illustrations feature animals. Funny, playful and always well painted.

William Low's paintings always inspire me.
I love his landscapes. This one is my current favorite:

Georgia O'Keeffe's NYC night paintings are pretty cool too, this one I like the most:

but my favorite painting is Nighthawks, by Edward Hopper.

(As a testament to this paintings fame, while looking online for a decent image file to save, I kept running into lots of spoofs and copies where people inserted themselves into the composition!)

Welp, speaking of painting...I should be doing that right now.
Till next time.

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