Friday, November 04, 2005

Oldies (or Adventures in Gouache class)

I am gathering up paintings and drawings for my portfolio
(Graduate school submission time!!) Looking over old artwork can be fun and distracting.

Here are two studies I did in a Gouache class in college:

My first assignment in the class we had to copy a painting.
This is Monet-Morning on the Seine.

Goes along with the season:

First painting made with an under painting! (that was the lesson, how to do under paintings.) My teacher wasn't very thrilled with it, but I kinda like least the top half anyway.

Second semester we were allowed to create our own projects. I decided to paint a little snail. (not for the whole semester though! I'm not that slow ;P )

In my main porfolio class we were working a huge project. Everyone in 3rd year had to illustrate a series based on the theme"Transformation." I chose a greek myth about a woman who turns into a tree.
Overdramatic sketch for a painting:


nofoodforyou said...

hey i remember these. pretty :)
i think i still have the copies of your transformation paintings around somewhere.

Anonymous said...

i thought it was magical transformation.... i didn't get anything in their show... soo angry.


Virginia Valle said...

beautiful your little snail :) I try to paint too but in digital :D