Thursday, November 17, 2005

Exhile: An Unhappy Fate

Random thought:
Ever notice how in History, if they don't like what you are doing they usually do one of three things:
1.Kill you (and there are many ways how.)
2.Imprison you
3.Banish you. An sometimes if you are lucky and worth enough, you get banished to and island just for you! (I acknowledge that this is a variant of #2, but just think about how many people have gotten sent away to their own island..quite a few mind you.)

Napoleon was imprisoned and then exiled by the British to the island of Saint Helena.
Queen Mary of Scots was imprisioned at Loch Leven Castle on a tiny island on Loch Levan in Scotland.
Hmmmm...of roman origin, Julia wife of Tiberius was exiled,on an island named Pandataria, with no men in sightand deprived of every luxury. (no men in sight was quite a thing for her, she was known as quite the Nymphomaniac.)
Japanese Emperor Juntoku was sent to Sado after his role in the Jokyu Disturbance of 1221
There should be a website somewhere listing all of this, would be interesting to see.

Then again...maybe not

Ok so maybe you're thinking, "what does this picture have anything to do with it?" well I scribbled it while reading about Maria Eleonora of Brandenburg. She was Queen Christina's mother. (Ctina ruled Sweden between 1632-54.) Maria went crazy after her husband died. She waited well over a year for his body to be buried. (Yes Sweden is cold, but even so...) She kept his heart in a jar and created a shrine for it in her bedroom. In other words, she was a bit batty. The Swedish Parliament and royal family got tired of dealing with her so they exiled her to an island. Kinda sad


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