Saturday, September 10, 2005


I'm tempted to leave the man as a drawing...just to be goofy. His head is a wierd shape, workin on it.


Bonnie said...

I hear my old portfolio teacher from college in my head, she is shouting, "Bonnie! You still like to finish one section of a painting at a time!!! Don't you know it's easier if you work around the whole painting? Now you have all the pressure on that the man in the corner."

Old habits never die, neither to the sounds of a teachers nagging!

Bonnie said...

I could leave him as a sketch and then call the painting-" Being seduced by a sketchy man."

I must be bored.

I am.
I have "new town, nowhere to go." Syndrome.

Michele said...

No, I want to see him finished--I challenge you!
You can do it!

nofoodforyou said...

i kind of like it unfinished. it places our focus on object of desire- the girl :)
It’s interesting to see the paint built up in a very organic way in the face and torso and then bleed out into the digital wash at the ends. Im not sure if I like it but it's interesting. I do think there should be more detail to her hand being kissed.
yeah that guy does look a little like a baboon.