Sunday, July 24, 2005

Five Sisters of Kintail

A Scottish legend says that at one time there were seven daughters of a local chief, two of whom were taken as brides by two Irish brothers. On departing Kintail, they promised to return with their five brothers who would marry the remaining sisters. The years passed with no sign of the Irishmen returning. To preserve their beauty while they waited, the local witch doctor from Kintail turned them into the graceful mountains we know as the Five Sisters of Kintail.
(not a very feminist tale, but I thought it would make a great picture!)


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Bonnie said...

I was introduced to this story on a bus on my way to Inverness in Scotland. I never saw the mountains but I wrote the story down in my sketchbook to remember. I thought it would make a nice painting. I hope to go back to this image somday and make it better. I will consider it a color study for now.