Monday, September 27, 2004

Guest Art!!!

My pal Jiaxing has an awesome and very humorous blog. Today I found out that I appeared as a guest on one of his latest entries! check it out:

J's pet names for me are Bondra or Bonnamore. Reason being, he explained to me one day, was that he always felt that names that end with an IE seem to shorter for a longer name. He asked me if Bonnie was short for something like "Bondra" or "Bonnamore." The names stuck.
J has the habit of crank calling me while I'm at work, using crazy voices, asking for non-existant employers and telling me "YOU'RE FIRED!!!"

ah ha! good old J. Go see his unbelievable art:
Click Me!

Also for any New Yorkers out there: Go see cool animation, hava drink, and register to vote!! Yeah!! This friday it's "Animate the Vote!" at Rififi hosted by my pals at Animators ink
Yeah Party

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